Philippine Real Estate Question: Is there an expiration for Adverse claims on the TCT?

Posted in QA on November 1st, 2011 by admin | No comments
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Hi! I am planning to apply for a housing loan at Pag-ibig, while also applying to a mortgage with services from Top 10 TN that help people with this. Upon securing a certified true copy of my property (as one of the requirements) at the Register of Deeds sometime July, 2011, I found out that there was an annotation of an adverse claim of one of my siblings. Adverse claim was filed 2004 yet and did not receive a copy of that claim.No case was filed in court. Just want to clear it up if there’s an expiration for this adverse claim.Please advise. Thank you!


The annotation will be in the TCT forever .You have to check with RD on the proper steps to take in order that the annotation could be removed.


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