What does a TCT of Real Estate Property in the Philippines contain?

Buying a house for sale in the Philippines? Here’s what your TCT or Transfer Certificate of Title should contain:

  • TCT Serial No.
  • TCT Number
  • Page and Book number
  • Location of the Property (lot block and survey no)
  • Technical Description
  • Tie Line
  • Reference Points
  • Name & Address of Registered Owner
  • Original Registration of OCT
  • Place, Date & Time of Last Registration
  • Name & Signature of Register of Deeds
  • Encumbrances annotated at the back of the title such as:
    • Subdivision Restrictions
    • Right of Way
    • Mortgage and other liens (loans, mechanics, tax)
    • Lis pendens(property is under litigation)
    • Writ of attachment & execution
    • lease contract, contract to sell

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