Philippine Real Estate Question DOAS


My husband bought a parcel of land in Pampanga. The mother title specifies the entire 8 hectares of land (matured year 2009). We only bought 2 hectares from it. How can we go about created a DOAS of the technical decription refers to the entire 8 hectares? After the DOA, how can we have our own title. You help is greatly sppreciated. Thanks so much.


The owner or seller should have the entire 8 HA surveyed and subdivided already before selling you the the 2 HA.. Since they have not done so, you will have to do it yourself at great costs by going to DENR and request relocation survey to establish the boundaries of your 2 HA. With all the technical description, you could now go to the Register of Deeds for your individual DOAS.

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