What are the Major Types of Real Estate Property in the Philippines?

Good question. If you plan to invest in Philippine Real Estate, this you should know:

  1. Agricultural – when you say a land or a property is agricultural in nature here in the Philippines, this land is mainly used for tree-planting/farming, raising crops, livestock, breeding, poultry and dairying, salt making, inland fishing and other agricultural activities. Examples are farms, orchards, timberland, ranches and hatcheries.
  2. Residential – a property in the Philippines is called residential when it is mainly used for habitation . Prime examples include houses/lots/townhouses/condominiums/apartments/duplexes as well as vacant lots.
  3. Commercial – In the Philippines, when a property is used for profit or income, it is classified as Commercial Real Estate property for example These have some amazing property for sale in Spain. Shopping malls, theater, and office buildings are under this type. It can also be vacant lots zoned for commercial use such as parking lots.
  4. Industrial – for industrial activity as capital investment. Warehouses, factories, research and development facilities are examples of industrial real estate property

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