Step 1: Before Buying A Real Estate Property

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You can never be too sure when buying real estate property. Whether it’s a house or lot, condominium unit, apartment – there are thousands of sob stories to tell (including ours, unfortunately), of broken dreams, piled up cases in court and millions of pesos lost. This is your hard-earned money we’re talking about – and it doesn’t hurt to be extra careful, or at least know what to check before you buy a property, especially here in the Philippines.

On the first part of this series, we’ll be tackling what you – as a buyer – need to know when making your purchase.

1.       License to Sell – does the real estate property have a license to sell? Consult a vancouver real estate lawyer on whether the project is registered and has license to sell issued by HLURB. You can verify this information thru the List of Projects with Approved Certificate of Registration and License to Sell on the HLURB site. You can also visit your nearest HLURB Regional office.

2.       Inspect, Inspect, Inspect. Always conduct a personal visit to the subdivision/condo unit. Don’t ask someone to inspect it for you and then be left disappointed when the unit is turned over. Inspect every nook and cranny – from the foundation, wiring, the lot, especially the neighborhood. You don’t want to be raising your kid in a dangerous area, nor do you want to lose sleep if you’ve bought a property in the noisy part of the village.

3.    Contract to Sell. So let’s say you’ve made the decision to buy and the project has a license to sell. You are about to enter into a Contract to Sell with the owner/developer. BUT just a few things you should check just to be certain:

a.       Date of completion of the project as indicated in the license to sell

b.      Clearance to Mortgage from HLURB if the property is mortgaged

c.       If the amenities and facilities presented in the ads/flyers/brochures are in accordance with the approved subdivision and condominium plan on file with the HLURB.

Buying a real estate property shouldn’t be too difficult, especially if you’ve acquired the services of a professional and honest Philippines Real Estate broker/agent. Know AND understand the facts, and you’ll soon be one of the more than satisfied owners of a beautiful house and lot – growing your family – or a sophisticated condominium unit here in the Philippines(and having it all!).

If you’ve satisfied the requirements above, then it’s time to take it to Step 2. It doesn’t end here!

(This is a condensed version of the one from Props to the government site for helping buyers!)

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