Local SEO Guide for Real Estate Agents

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Real estate agents face constant challenges in attracting new customers. Although you may get a few referrals, most prospects just search in Google and contact the first agent or two on the search results. To draw in as many new customers as possible, you must make your way to the top of the rankings.

SEO for Real Estate Agents

We will show you our proven step by step process to boost your company to that critical first spot. Before we get started, though, let’s take a look at why local SEO is so important for real estate agents and what type of preparation they need. For example they are all licensed, if you are a realtor looking to establish. Business reputation is one of the most important pieces of your digital presence puzzle in order to ensure success from your online visibility.This means being responsive, sincere, and genuine will allow you to pivot out from under the blanket of a bad review. Local Viking has the technology you need to safeguard your online reputation.

3 Reasons Real Estate Agents Should Invest in Local SEO

The Yellow Pages Have Been Replaced by Google:

Until recently, real estate agents could place an ad in the Yellow Pages and simply wait for prospects to call. Today, however, a stunning 97% of people search for local businesses online, and Google is the king of the hill.

Free Traffic:

Despite extremely quick changes, advertising is still one of the largest expenses for many small businesses. Boosting your Google rankings will give you a constant flow of free traffic that you need only convert into paying customers. This resell SEO company can improve your site traffic just in a few days !

Zippy Results:

National and international companies must wait, on average, 6 to 12 months to see the results of a new SEO campaign. As a real estate agent, you have a tremendous advantage, because you are competing only with nearby real estate agents, not those on the other side of the world. And many of them are not yet using local SEO. This means that a targeted campaign could place you on the first page of Google local rankings in just 30 days!

Step 1: Select Your Keywords

Step 1 is simply to write down a list of keywords that reflect your services. For example, you might try “real estate agent”, “real estate broker”, “realtor”, or “real estate companies”. When your list is reasonably complete, set up a free Google AdWords account.

You do not need to build or fund an ad campaign, but the AdWords account will provide you with access to the free Google Keyword Planner tool. This allows you to input your chosen keywords to learn how much traffic they get, and suggests additional related keywords that might not yet be on your list.

Now you are ready to decide on your final list of keywords. All keywords fall loosely into 2 types:

  • Buying Intent: Buying intent keywords are a signal that a prospect is imminently ready for your services. For example, someone who searches for “buy a house in Cleveland” is probably looking at imminent relocation.Your primary focus should be on buying intent keywords, which produce the fastest results. Feature them on your homepage, and build your service pages around them.
  • Research Intent: Research intent keywords are a clear signal that a prospect is just shopping around. She might be ready to buy or sell a home later, but not now. For example, someone searching for “home prices Milwaukee” is probably considering whether to buy a house.These keywords are of a lower priority, as they do not drive speedy conversions. Don’t get rid of them, though, as you can use them for blog posts and FAQs. These posts introduce you to prospects who might remember you when they are ready to buy or sell a home.

Step 2: Optimize Your Keywords

With your final keyword list in hand, you are ready to optimize for them in 2 spots—your Google My Business page and your website. Here’s how:

Google My Business

Your Google My Business page is a mini-website that appears in Google’s “Map” section. It provides a quick overview of your company, and raises your overall presence online. It can also give you a swift rankings boost, as it is much easier to rank highly for a Google My Business page than for a website.

For the best results, make sure these elements are accurate and complete:

  • Verification: First, simply claim your page and submit it for Google’s verification process. You will see a checkmark and the word “Verified” next to your business name when this step is done.
  • NAP: Your business name, address, and phone number (NAP) must be both accurate and consistent across all listings. Let Google know that yours is a local business by listing a local phone number instead of an 800 number.
  • Categories: Google requires all categories to focus on services instead of results. Besides Real Estate Agency, you might try Commercial Real Estate Agency and Real Estate Rental Agency, if you provide those services. Try to think of 3 to 5 categories.
  • Description: The description is simply a short introduction to your company that ends with a call to action. It should be 100 to 200 words long and use a format similar to: {Name of Company} offers professional {real estate services, or similar} in {Your City}. {Provide some information about your company and/or why customers love you.} Call {Phone Number} today for a free consultation!
  • Hours: Be sure that your office hours are current, and are identical across all of your internet listings.
  • Images: Images can dramatically boost customer engagement, and show prospects that you do a great job. Add a few photos of your office, your staff, or even your satisfied customers (with their permission, of course!). Your images must have a sharp focus, be sized between 10KB and 5MB, and have a minimum resolution of 720px x 720px. We also recommend replacing the generic Google My Business background image with a branded image.

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