Anvaya Cove – The Horizon Point

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Horizon Point
The Horizon Point is located at the southwestern edge of Anvaya Cove. Situated on a ridge, the neighborhood plays with the natural contours of the tarrain to be able to give families a horizon of living options. The varying elevations present vivid views set in nature’s backdrop.
Horizon Point - Golf Cart Path


  • Land area of 4.1 hectares
  • Low density neighborhood: 10 lots per hectare
  • Neighborhood has the lowest number of lots to date numbered at 35
  • Lot cuts are more generous going from as low as 600 sqm to as high as 1,230 sqm (feature lot)
  • Majority of the lots share more than one of these picturesque views: Long views of South China Sea, Clear viewsof the sunset, The Silangin mountain range, Mountain Natib, Green views, Parks, open spaces and enveloping nature perserves
  • Some blocks have wider open spaces which can be used as landscaped deck areas overlooking the surroundings

Horizon Point - Sunset View

ELEVATION: Approximately 25 to 55 sqm above sea level


Horizon View
Lots with long views of the sea at the time of sale. Compliance with Deed Restrictions and House Design Guidelines as well as conscientious planning for house construction and landscaping by both the homeowners and/or their neighbors should preserve these views.

Lots located adjacent to green areas with a play on elevation causing variances in terrain. These lots favor the resident who wants extensive garden space at a great value.

Fairway View
Lots that have Greenways (with or without an accompanying bordering easement, open space and park) on at least one side of the lot. Greenways feature natural or formally-landscaped areas which are nto part of the neighborhoods and which may be designated for future sports/recreational use.

Lots that have a park or otehr green open space on at least one side of the lot

Are lots that feature views of a neighborhood park or other open space

Lots located within the Anvaya Cove Seaside Leisure Community

Horizon Point - Terrain

At the Horizon Point, residents can enjoy a horizon of living choices. Here, the play in the natural terrain provides breathtaking views of the sea horizon, the relaxing sunset, and the towering mountain ranges surrounding Anvaya Cove. Golf Cart paths meander around the neighborhood as some lots are beside the fairways.

Horizon Point is only a short distance from a diversity of natural and recreational amenities at the Anvaya Cove & Nature club. And with only 35 lots (the lowest lot count for a neighborhood), residents can be assured of a private enclave for their vacation home.

At Anvaya Cove, more and more families are building their own moments within the seaside residential community – creating memories to cherish for a lifetime.

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