Foreclosed Property Overview c/o

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Image by respres via Flickr Foreclosure occurs when a lender or other lien holder (person or organization that has the right to seize your property for payment on a debt) takes possession of a property because the property owner has failed to make regular, timely payments, and other efforts to collect the money have failed. Your intellectual... the full story

Anvaya Cove – Horizon Pt Availability as of May 20

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Kindly go directly to Anvaya Cove website to INQUIRE. At the Horizon Point (N#), residents can enjoy a horizon of living choices. Here, the play in the natural terrain provides breathtaking views of the sea horizon, the relaxing sunset, and the towering mountain ranges surrounding Anvaya Cove. Golf Cart paths meander around the neighborhood as some... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Glossary & Terminology (N-Z)

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NEGOTIABLE Capable of being negotiated; assignable or transferable in the ordinary course of business. NET LISTING A listing which provides that the agent may retain as compensation for his services all sums received over and above a net price to the owner. NOTE A signed written instrument acknowledging a debt and promising payment. NOTICE OF QUIT A... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Glossary & Terminology (A-M)

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Real Estate Glossary and Terminology ABSTRACT OF TITLE A summary of or digest of the conveyances, transfer and any other facts relied on as evidence of title together with any other elements of record which may impair the title. ACCELERATION CLAUSE A clause in a trust deed or mortgage giving the lender the right to call all sums owing him to be immediately... the full story

What is the Rule on Double Sale in the Philippines?

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Rule in case of double sale: The priority of rights in case of double sale of titled property shall be governed by the following rules: 1. The buyer who acquired in good faith and was the first to register the sale shall have a better right. 2. If none of the buyers registered the sale, the buyer who acquired to good faith and was the first one in... the full story

Do I have to pay Real Property Tax even if I don’t have a title?

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Question: We bought a house and lot from a subdivision developer thru Pag-ibig Financing. It’s been more than a year now since we moved in and have been paying the monthly amortization without delay. The developer has recently adviced us to pay our Real Property Tax which you can calculate with the help from the best Metric Accountants. My question... the full story

Agreement in buying real estate

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This post is from the column of Ma’m Persida Acosta (Public Attorney’s Office) published by the Manila Times — Dear PAO, I am planning to buy a residential property this December.  The seller and I have agreed that he will shoulder all the expenses relative to the transfer of the property. What documents do I need to check to ensure... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Tax

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Real Estate Tax Real estate tax is levied on Philippine real property and the applicable rate varies depending on the location. The maximum rate that a city or municipality within Metro Manila may impose is 1% while cities and municipalities outside Metro Manila may levy the tax at the rate not exceeding 2%. The owner has the option to pay the... the full story

How much do Philippines Real Estate Brokers charge if you hire them to sell your house?

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The typical rate of a Philippines Real Estate Broker is from 3-5% of the selling price of the real estate property (commission). This means No Sale, No Commission. So be nice to your real estate broker =) In addition to the information above, here’s short excerpt from A “real estate broker” is someone who, for a commission... the full story

How do you check the Zonal Value of a Real Estate Property in the Philippines?

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First, let’s define the term ZONAL VALUE or Zonal Valuation: Zonal Valuation – is an approved zonal schedule of fair market values on real property used by the Bureau of Internal Revenue as basis for the computation of internal revenue taxes. Zonal valuation is used primarily: basis for computing the fair market value of the property computation... the full story

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