List of Requirements for PSBank

Posted in Requirements on July 15th, 2010 by admin | 3 comments
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List of Requirements (aside from Offer to Buy and Buyer’s Info Sheet)

Individual Buyer:

1. Certificate of Employment indicating compensation
2. Latest Income Tax Return
a. BIR Form 2316
b. BIR Form 1703 (For those with foreign-sourced income)
c. BIR Form 1701 (For this with business and compensation income)
3. Photocopy of valid ID
4. Photocopy of Marriage Contract (For married applicants)
5. If applicable, Special Power-of-Attorney (notarized by Philippine Consular
Office if issued abroad)
6. Tax Identification Number or SSS Number or Passport Number

Corporate Buyer:

1. Original Board Resolution and/or Secretary’s Certificate authorizing the
purchase and appointing the signatory for the corporation
2. SEC Registration
3. Articles of Incorporation and By-laws
4. Latest Income Tax Return (BIR Form 1702)
5. Latest Audited Financial Statement
6. Photocopy of valid ID of the signatory
7. Community Tax Certificate of the company and signatory
8. Tax Identification Number of the company and signatory

  • cheryl calapis says:

    im not familiar with this like to know the terms of payment for banks foreclosed properties.

  • admin says:

    Depends po what bank, for example, BDO requires a 25% downpayment, with balance payable in 5 years at 12% per annum.

  • freddie Umayam says:

    I am an OFW (Italy)for almost 20 years now(with permanent residence permit), and I am willing to participate in the bid, but My problem is I dont have or ever filed BIR in the Philippines and we never even required here(abroad) to file an income tax, all the rest I can furnish them, please let me know if I am qualified, thank you.

    mr. Freddie Umayam

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