Seller refuses to give Broker/Agent Commission

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Philippine Real Estate Question:

What if the seller will not give the agent atleast 3% commission? Is he violating any law? Any suggestion on how to be able to get that commission thats due for the agent? Thank you.


Before an agent sells a property, there should be a written authority to sell on inclusive or non-inclusive basis. This is also some sort of contract between the seller and the agent which specifically states the amount of commission…3% or 5% and period of authority. If the agent is able to sell the property based on his own effort, he is entitled to receive the commission. He could sue the seller if he is not given the commission later. If it’s all verbal agreement, the seller may or may not honor the agreement depending on his relationship with the agent.

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*we do not pretend to be an authority in this field of real estate – this is only our opinion. May we suggest if you have legal questions to always consult a legal professional (a real estate lawyer preferably).

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