How to Know if House for Sale in the Philippines is Priced Reasonably?

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You’ve just found the house in the Philippines for sale of your dreams. You’ve visited the site and you feel it would be a good place to start and raise a family. It’s already within your budget, but you want to make sure it’s reasonably priced and you won’t be ripped off.

3 steps to check for reasonableness of the price:

1. Common sense dictates you check if there are other properties in the area also for sale. Compare the pricing, size, etc of these properties with the real estate property you are keen on purchasing.  Best place to check are newspapers – use the asking prices from these ads and compare.

2. Acquire the services of a real estate appraiser who can do a professional job of appraising the property and determine if the pricing is fair. A knowledgeable broker in the area of subject property might also be helpful.

3. If you have the opportunity to ask residents in the area about the current prices of their property, grab it. Also ask if there had been a recent sale of a property; this can give you an idea of current value of the real estate property.

These are just some steps to know if the house you want to buy in the Philippines is priced reasonably.

What other Philippines Real Estate Questions do you have? We’ll try to find an answer for you!

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