How Long Until My House Sells?

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Q: As a seller, what is the average waiting period before my home is bought?

A: It all depends on a couple of factors. What do you do to prepare your house for sale? How’s it priced? And how is a realtor going to market your home?®

First of all, the house needs to look perfect. It is no longer your home, it’s a product. It’s house for sale. We need to stage it, we need to make sure there’s no clutter. When buyers come in they want to feel comfortable there, they don’t want to see you living there; they just want to make sure that this is a home that’s right for them.

Is it priced correctly? Is your Realtor looking at whether or not there are a lot of homes on the market in your vicinity? We need to look at your competition – who is your competition? Where are they priced? How is your home going to show price-wise among the other ones?

What is your Realtor in Santa Clarita doing to market your home? Are we still just doing the traditional marketing – the newspapers, magazines, and just the old style – what I call the old “traditional” real estate marketing of homes? Or is your home going to have its own website? Are you going to have multiple pictures online? Is your home going to be syndicated to many websites out there?

So if you do the right thing and follow your Realtor’s advice, your home should sell fairly quickly, and after this you could just move to a new home, with the use of moving services such as removal companies essex online. If it doesn’t sell, or you’re not getting offers in the first couple of weeks, then there might be a problem.

Source: Realtor Site

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