Philippines Real Estate Tip: Foreigner Wanting to Own Property

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Dear staff,

I’m John from Canada, and I wanted to know if foreigners can own Real Estate  Properties in the Philippines? Are your rules strict with regards to this? A reply would be appreciated.


Dear John,

As per our constitution, aliens or foreigners are disqualified from acquiring public and private lands in the Philippines. However, there are a few exceptions. Let’s further our discussion, shall we?

Right to Own

General rule – only Filipino citizens and corporations at least sixty percent of the capital of which is owned by Filipinos are entitled to acquire and own land in the Philippines.

Now there are exceptions to the rule – alien acquisition of Philippines’ Real Estate Properties is allowed in the following cases:

  • If you acquired the property before the 1935 constitution.
  • If you acquired said house or lot in the Philippines by hereditary succession (if the acquiree is a legal heir).
  • Purchase of not more than 40% percent interest in a condominium unit. Now in case a foreigner is interested in a Philippine Condominium project, he should verify from the management body of the project if the proposed purchase will not violate the 60-40 ratio of ownership (60 – Filipinos, 40 – foreigner)
  • Purchase by former natural born Filipino citizens (but still subject to limitations)

So John, we hope you got your answer with regards to your question on Foreigners wanting to own Philippines’ Real Estate Properties.

Still have thoughts on your head that you want to clear out? Let us know by leaving a comment, emailing us or filling up our contact form! =)

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