Philippines Real Estate Glossary & Terminology (N-Z)

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NEGOTIABLE Capable of being negotiated; assignable or transferable in the ordinary course of business. NET LISTING A listing which provides that the agent may retain as compensation for his services all sums received over and above a net price to the owner. NOTE A signed written instrument acknowledging a debt and promising payment. NOTICE OF QUIT A... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Glossary & Terminology (A-M)

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Real Estate Glossary and Terminology ABSTRACT OF TITLE A summary of or digest of the conveyances, transfer and any other facts relied on as evidence of title together with any other elements of record which may impair the title. ACCELERATION CLAUSE A clause in a trust deed or mortgage giving the lender the right to call all sums... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Tax

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Real Estate Tax Real estate tax is levied on Philippine real property and the applicable rate varies depending on the location. The maximum rate that a city or municipality within Metro Manila may impose is 1% while cities and municipalities outside Metro Manila may levy the tax at the rate not exceeding 2%. The owner has the option to pay the... the full story

Condo Concerns

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OWNING a real estate property and purchasing a house for sale in the Philippines have always been the dream of every Filipino breadwinner. Especially those who willingly take on the sacrifice of leaving family and country to work abroad for the proverbial better life. But as recent as two years ago, a great number of overseas Filipino workers (OFWs)... the full story

7 Red Flags for Home Buyers

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Whether it’s buying a house for sale in the Philippines or anywhere on planet earth, there are 7 Red Flags you have to look out for, accdg to Yahoo Real Estate, here they are: 1. Poor water pressure - it can mean several things – either your area has no proper or good water connection, or there’s something wrong with the pipes. 2.... the full story

What You Should Know Before Inquiring On Philippines Foreclosed Property

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Foreclosures occur when the owner’s financial situation changes and he/she can no longer keep up her mortgage payments. Dealing in foreclosures is a specialty in itself. Those who understand the process do very well because, by definition, they are always buying wholesale. You have to spend some time learning the process before you can be good at... the full story

Common Annotations on the Certificate of Title

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Notice of Lis Pendens – the property is subject to a pending court litigation involving ownership or possession. Writ of Preliminary Attachment – the property is being held as a security for the satisfaction of a court decision which maybe rendered against the registered owner. Section 4 Rule 74 of the rules of court – the title was obtained by... the full story

Does your Philippines Real Estate Property have Hidden Treasure?

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Check out what the State says when you find a pot of gold in your house or lot in the Philippines: HIDDEN TREASURE 1.      Hidden treasure belongs to the owner of the land, building, other property on which it is found. 2.      When the discovery is made on the property of another, or of the State or any of its subdivisions, and by chance,... the full story

Pag-Ibig Housing Loan Program FAQs

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What is the Housing Loan Program? (Download the HDMF Circular No. 247 here) The Housing Loan Program extends assistance to individual borrowers to finance any or a combination of the following, after deciding please make sure to get more in depth information with an informed borrower. has an online loan application for faster approvals. Purchase... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Tip: Foreigner Wanting to Own Property

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Dear staff, I’m John from Canada, and I wanted to know if foreigners can own Real Estate  Properties in the Philippines? Are your rules strict with regards to this? A reply would be appreciated. -John Dear John, As per our constitution, aliens or foreigners are disqualified from acquiring public and private lands... the full story

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