Abundance Plus – Philamlife

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A lot of people including young professionals who would like to grow their hard-earned money simply don’t have any idea where to place it. The bank is the only option they have in mind…either as savings or time deposits. The disadvantage with bank deposits is that they are low yielding in return. They do not provide a good inflation hedge.... ...read the full story

Homebuying Feng Shui Tips

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Homebuying Feng Shui Tips Buying, selling or renting a new property or business, can be one of the biggest financial commitments that you will undertake in your lifetime. Therefore, before selling a property, it is advisable you check the Home Buyers Birmingham website to get the right price for it and while buying or renting confirm that the property... ...read the full story

How Dangerous is Your House? Use Maid service Orlando

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Sometimes, in our attempt to keep our homes clean and bacteria free, we are adding more injury not to our homes but to our health but resources from sites as https://richardharrislaw.com could help in case injuries does happen. Our houses may be clean, but is it green? Learn from this infographic the hidden dangers of our cleaning agents! If you need... ...read the full story

Registering Real Estate Property in the Philippines

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Interested in buying a piece of Real Estate in the Philippines? Then you’ve come to the right site! Whether you want to make a fruitful investment or settle in your first home and become a landloard, we have the a growing list of Philippines Real Estate Properties that prove to be worthy of your hard earned money. If you are planning to buy the... ...read the full story

The Registries of Deeds in the Philippines

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Clients needing information about title to lands go to Registry of Deeds (RD) office concerned. It is in this office that the service rendered to the public by the Land Registration Authority is almost done. Today, there are 168 RDs nationwide. Specifically, an RD is tasked with the following: 1. Register deeds affecting registered (Act 496) and unregistered... ...read the full story

5 tips for buying a foreclosed home

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Image via Wikipedia In many cases, only one real estate agent is involved. The seller wants a preapproval letter from a lender before accepting an offer. There often is little, if any, room for negotiation. The home comes as is, and it’s up to the buyer to pay for repairs. It is quite tricky as you might end up dealing with issues like pest... ...read the full story

What are the Rights of Condominium Unit Owners in the Philippines?

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Previously, we had discussed the obligations of Condominium unit owners in the Philippines. Today we tackle the rights of condominium unit owners (what? you thought you had none? of course you have!): Absolute ownership of his unit and co-ownership of common areas Right to Sell, lease or mortgage his exclusive unit Right to participate and vote in... ...read the full story

7 Tips to Increase the Value of your House in the Philippines

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Do you want to increase the value of your Real Estate Property in the Philippines? Let me show you some ways to increase the value of your house so it can be easier for you to sell it. But first – have you checked the zonal value of your property recently? Zonal value is the market value of your property as determined by the Commissioner at the nearest... ...read the full story

Philippine Condo Living: Plants that Purify (and take small space at that!)

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Living in any Metro Manila Real Estate Property has its perks – you’re closer to establishments, you’re in view of one of the best sunsets in the world, nearer to business districts, and other “places to be” as opposed to living in the suburbs or province. But it also gets you closer to pollution. As of last count, air pollution in Metro Manila... ...read the full story

Budget Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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Have you recently invested in a Real Estate Property in the Philippines that needs a major facelift? In other words…a renovation? Careful consideration must be made when making a renovation, so whatever you spend is a worthy investment. Although you might easily find and hire the best interstate moving companies for your moving process, but to... ...read the full story

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