The Registries of Deeds in the Philippines

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Clients needing information about title to lands go to Registry of Deeds (RD) office concerned. It is in this office that the service rendered to the public by the Land Registration Authority is almost done. Today, there are 168 RDs nationwide. Specifically, an RD is tasked with the following:

1. Register deeds affecting registered (Act 496) and unregistered (Act 3344) properties as well as deeds on personal properties under the Chattel Mortgage Law;

2. Entry and issuance of original certificates of title (OCT) pursuant to judicial decrees and patents; entry and issuance of all transfer certificates of title pursuant to registration of all subsequent dealings, voluntary or involuntary, on registered lands;

3. Collection of entry, registration, legal research and assurance fund fees in accordance with the rates provided by the law;

4. Reconstitution of lost certificates of title in accordance, with the provisions of Republic Act No. 26 as amended by PD 1529;

5. Cooperation with other agencies of government in the collection of taxes and fees such as land transfer tax, capital gains tax, donor’s gift tax, estate tax, real estate tax, residence tax, privilege tax;

6. Cooperation with other government agencies regarding the land reform program under PD 27 by complying with land reform requirements prior to registration;

7. Repository of all titles, deeds, and records within the limits of its jurisdiction.

8. It is also responsible for the following services;

  • Provision of records retrieval services regarding requests for the reference to, or research on any document, titles on file and issuance of certified true copies.
  • Verification of history titles.

Regional Registries of Deeds

  • Exercise immediate administrative supervision over all provincial and city Registrars of Deeds and other personnel within the region.
  • Implement all orders, decisions and decrees promulgated relative to the registration of land titles within the region and issue, subject to the approval of the Administrator, all needful rules and regulations therefore.
  • Implement policies, programs, memoranda, orders, circulars and rules and regulations of the Authority.
  • Answer queries relative to registration of deeds.
  • Coordinate with regional offices of other departments, bureaus/ agencies under the Department of Justice and with the local governments and police units in the region.
  • Extend speedy and effective assistance to the Department of Agrarian Reform, the Land Bank of the Philippines and other agencies in the implementation of the land reform program of the government.

Source: LRA

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