Budget Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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Have you recently invested in a Real Estate Property in the Philippines that needs a major facelift? In other words…a renovation? Careful consideration must be made when making a renovation, so whatever you spend is a worthy investment. Although you might easily find and hire the best interstate moving companies for your moving process, but to renovate your house is a much bigger deal as even recession is upon us and every peso counts. Any work to the home can be made easy with the right knowledge and tools. Tiling can appear hard but it’s made much simpler if you choose the best grout removal tools and equip yourself with professional tips and tricks. Make sure your Roof Deck receive proper maintenance, if you need to do a renovation or replacement PrecisionDecks provides really good deals !

Some ideas to spruce up that Philippine Real Estate Property of yours without selling your limbs:

1.        How to renovate your bathroom on the cheap - There are lots of things to think about when you are planning to renovate your bathroom.

2.       Move the furniture - you don’t have to buy brand new furnishing (for example, you’re renting out an apartment or condominium unit), just apply a few diy feng shui moves to the living room, or  bedroom. If you’re feeling a bit generous, buy a second hand ottoman in one of those antique stores in Evangelista (remember to haggle!) and put it front and center. Make it the focal point of your living room or bedroom, and make sure to decorate with. If you are looking to renovate either your home or business building Restyle Innovations  can help you with it.

3.       Paint – A no brainer. Everyone knows a fresh coat of paint (in the right colors) gives life and offers a brand new view of a house or a condominium unit. Paisley Painting names this as necessary Botox for the house. A fresh coat of paint can be slapped either by you, or you could even hire Edinburgh interiors to do that for you. Either way, it’s a worthy investment.

4.       Upgrade the kitchen – Instead of remaking the whole kitchen, why not change a few knobs here and there or better yet, open up the cupboards by removing the wooden doors and changing them into glass. Check this gas grill buyers guide

5.       Work on your garden- All you need are a few small plants, you don’t need to revamp the whole garden. Cut some branches and you’ll see your garden in a whole new light (because literally, you’re allowing a bit of light to get thru). A well-maintained garden can add a chunky 20 per cent to your property value – a whopping £60,000 based on the current average UK price. RocksFast.com sells articial rocks used to hide ugly water well pumps, septic risers, cable boxes, propane tanks and more.

Artifial rocks

There’s no need to spend a fortune or take up topiary. In fact, simpler gardens usually sell more easily – buyers can be put off by spaces that look fussy or tricky to maintain..


6.       Patio/Entertainment outdoorst – change the lighting fixtures! Shift to environmentally friendly light fixtures, and not only will you help the environment, you  also cut down on electricity bill. On the other hand working on your patio will not only add more value to your property, but it will also help to improve your social relationships, specially with your neighbors and friends; There are many advantage that a patio can offer to a homeowner, an excellent place to enjoy fresh air and de-stress without being drenched by the rain or hit by the sun (Eclipse roofs are my favorite, and apparently, a favourite of most commercial roofing companies in Aurora Colorado), you can see some real examples at Outdoor World. Its also an entertainment and social area, wheter you are planning a barbecue,  relaxing with your mate and a couple beer bottles or playing some ping pong. A patio provides a great outdoor area in which to do all these and more.

Eclipse Roof Patio

Whether an investment or your first home, your Philippines Real Estate Property will need a few fixing up every now and then, but it doesn’t need to be expensive. What other ideas can you share to renovate your house, apartment or condominium unit here in the Philippines that’s easy on the pocket? Do share!


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