How to Know Maximum Loanable Amount?

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Thinking of asking help from the bank to finance your mortgage or HDMF (Pag-Ibig)? Here’s  a way to determine if indeed your loan will be granted by computing for your maximum loanable amount. This is also useful if you want to know if you will be approved by the financial institution for your loan (qualify), learn more about Mortgages and investment loan plans for real estate investments on... the full story

Checklist of Documentary Requirements on Foreclosure Sale of Real Property – Philippines

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A. Mandatory Requirements – Taxable/Exempt Tin of Mortgagee and Buyer Notarized Deed of Consolidation, if any, but only photocopied documents shall be retained by the BIR. Certified True Copy of the latest Tax Declaration issued by the Local Assessor’s Office for land and improvement relevant to the date of transaction. Sheriff’s Certificate of Sale or Final Order of the Court confirming... the full story

How Long Until My House Sells?

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Q: As a seller, what is the average waiting period before my home is bought? A: It all depends on a couple of factors. What do you do to prepare your house for sale? How’s it priced? And how is a realtor going to market your home?® First of all, the house needs to look perfect. It is no longer your home, it’s a product. It’s house for sale. We need to stage it, we need to make sure there’s... the full story

Can’t Pay Mortgage Anymore

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Question: We have purchased a piece of land in Antipolo to be paid for 4 years. something bad happened in my job and now i am getting a hard time paying monthly payments. my question is what will happen if I stop paying? will we be able to get portion of the money we paid? what other options I have if I decide to give up the land? thanks a lot. Answer: Maceda Law ( R.A. 6552 ) was enacted... the full story

Anvaya Cove – The Horizon Point

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Kindly go directly to Anvaya Cove website to INQUIRE. Horizon Point The Horizon Point is located at the southwestern edge of Anvaya Cove. Situated on a ridge, the neighborhood plays with the natural contours of the tarrain to be able to give families a horizon of living options. The varying elevations present vivid views set in nature’s backdrop. THE CONCEPT Land area of 4.1 hectares Low density... the full story

Where to Find List of House Home Developers in the Philippines

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You can find the list of Housing Developers on HLURB.GOV.PH and look for the list of developers. You may also click this link to download a pdf copy of the list (as of June 2008).  Read More →

What are the Requirements to Transfer Inherited Real Estate Property in the Philippines?

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Transfer of Inherited Property 1. When the registered owner dies intestate without any debt and the heirs want the title transferred in their names, the following documents must be presented to the Register of Deeds: a. Deed of Extrajudicial Settlement of Estate (or Affidavit of Adjudication if there is only one heir) b. Owner’s duplicate certificate of title c. Affidavit of publication from... the full story

New Lots at Above the Bay (Phase 6A) – Ayala Greenfield Estates

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Kindly go directly to Anvaya Cove website to INQUIRE. Due to high demand, Ayala Greenfield Estates has released 7 new lots at Above the Bay (Phase 6A) with lot sizes from 449 to 469 sqm. Phase is already 90% complete.  Read More →

Frequently Asked Questions About Foreclosed Properties

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These questions are the ones we encounter on a regular basis. Hopefully as someone who’s interested in bidding/buying on foreclosed properties/acquired assets, you will take the time to read this article. 1. Do you need to spend some time learning the process before you can get good at it? Buying through foreclosure is a specialty and that you must likely will have to spend some time learning... the full story

Sea Breeze Verandas at Anvaya Cove Units 105, 106 and 107

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Kindly go directly to Anvaya Cove website to INQUIRE. Sea Breeze Verandas at Anvaya Cove Units 105, 106 and 107 Unit Details: 2 bedroom Unit size approx 84-92 sqm Veranda size approx 33-49 sqm Total unit size approx 117-141 sqm Price Range: P10-12Million *the ground floor units are just a stone’s throw away from the Sea Breeze Verandas pool amenity.  Read More →

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