Time of Completion of the Project

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The three most pressing questions an excited or anxious buyer would ask are: 1. When will the project be completed? 2. How do I manage moving my packages and envelopes? 3. What are the facilities and amenities that go with my purchase of a unit? The project must be completed within one year from the date of the issuance of a License to Sell for the project. The HLURB may, however, fix a different period... ...read the full story

Questions Concerning Certificate of Registration/License To Sell

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These questions came from the HLURB site: Where can a prospective buyer check whether a subdivision project has a Certificate of Registration and License to Sell He can check it with the Regional Office Of the HLURB which has jurisdiction of the place where the project is located. What is the remedy of a buyer to recover his payment upon knowing that the owner/developer of the subdivision/condominium... ...read the full story

What can be done when a buyer found out that the size of the lot in the Deed of Restrictions and Contract to Sell that he originally signed did not match with what is indicated in the title?

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If the sale is on a per square meter basis and the area turns out to be smaller, the buyer is entitled to a reduction of the price. In the same way the area turns out to be bigger, the buyer should pay for the increase in area. In other case, the buyer may have opt to rescind the contract if he would not have bought the property had he known of the difference in the area. Source: HLURB  Read More →

What is the Basis in the Valuation of a Real Estate Property in the Philippines?

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What is the Basis in the Valuation of a Real Estate Property in the Philippines? The value of the real property will be based on the selling price, fair market value as determined by the Commissioner (zonal value) or the fair market value as shown in the schedule of values of the Provincial or City Assessor, whichever is higher. If there is no zonal value, the taxable base is whichever is higher... ...read the full story

Right to a Clean Title – Philippines Real Estate

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What rights does a buyer have when it comes to Titles? Read this and be informed how Philippines Real Estate Laws Work: “The buyer of a subdivision lot or condominium unit shall have a right to a clean title of said lot or unit upon the full payment of the purchase price. If the lot or unit is mortgaged, the owner/developer shall redeem the mortgage within six months from full payment... ...read the full story

What is Capital Gains Tax?

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Capital Gains Tax, according to the BIR in the Philippines: “A tax imposed on the gains presumed to have been realized by the seller from the sale, exchange, or other disposition of capital assets located in the Philippines, including pacto de retro sales and other forms of conditional sale. For Real Properties, it is 6% of the total selling price. Every person, whether natural or juridical,... ...read the full story

What is Maceda Law?

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Here is Maceda Law or Republic Act 6552. If you need any help in litigating this law please visit the website. REPUBLIC ACT No. 6552 AN ACT TO PROVIDE PROTECTION TO BUYERS OF REAL ESTATE ON INSTALLMENT PAYMENTS. (Rep. Act No. 6552) Section 1. This Act shall be known as the “Realty Installment Buyer Act.” Section 2. It is hereby declared a public policy to protect buyers of real estate on... ...read the full story

Moonwalk Parañaque – House & Lot for Sale

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PRICE:  P7.2M Negotiable. Located at the Main Road. Can be converted into a commercial unit. LOCATION           :               ARMSTRONG AVE. MOONWALK VILLAGE, PARAÑAQUE CITY LOT AREA            :               260 sqm. FLOOR AREA      :               400 + sqm. DESCRIPTION     : Located at the main road, a flood- free area 7... ...read the full story

Steps and Procedures in Transferring a Title in the Philippines

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Steps and Procedures in Transferring a Title in the Philippines Agency Activity Requirements Duration 1. Local Attorney Notarization Deed of Absolute Sale (DOAS) few minutes 2. Assessors Office Affidavit of No Improvement (if there is no house built on the land) Tax Declaration, Photocopy of DOAS, Residence Certificate 1 Day 3. Land Tax Division Order of Payment Land Tax Receipt, Tax... ...read the full story

Condo For Sale and Residencial Lawn Services – Forbeswood Parklane Fort Bonifacio Global City Taguig

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1 Bedroom Condo Unit for Sale – Forbeswood Parklane Ready for Occupancy! Buy at Pre-Selling Price! Location: Forbeswood Parklane Rizal Drive, The Fort. Corner unit boasts of floor to ceiling adjacent windows facing Manila Golf.   FA: 46.5 sqm   Price: being sold at pre-selling price of Php 4,431,450.00 Developer: Megaworld Association Due: estimated at P60-P90 per sqm. This is FOR SALE... ...read the full story

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