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A question on inheritance. Hello! My father inherited a property from his aunt and he offered that I can have a title made under my name. I am currently residing in the US and am not sure what I need to do or what the requirements / costs are . I want to have a house built on the property but want to make sure that it is under my name first. Reply: You... the full story

How to Avail Pag-ibig Housing Loan

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This excerpt comes from a previous post we posted on Pag-ibig Housing Loan FAQS How does one avail of a Pag-IBIG Housing Loan ? Attend a Loan Counseling session at the Pag-IBIG Office concernedAccomplish a Preliminary Loan Counseling Questionnaire, Husing Loan Application (HLA) and Membership Status Verification Slip. If eligible, secure checklist of requirements. Submit HLA with complete requirements.... the full story

Haven’t Paid Real Property Tax since 2007

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A question on Real Property Tax or Amilyar. Hi! I own a 240Sqm lot only in Pampangga. is theres a other options to pay the property tax? I live in California and I don’t have anybody who can trust to pay my property tax. what Am i gonna do? I don’t pay the Amillyar since 2007 is theres a possibility that i lose my property? Reply: You are not going to lose... the full story

How to Pay Real Property Tax

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One of the most commonly asked questions we have here at is how to pay Real Property Tax – this also includes where & when to pay it. For your education, here is what we found on the very informative website of Muntinlupa about Real Property Tax. All properties that are real in nature are subject to real property tax. This includes land, building and industrial... the full story

Real Property Tax Question

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Philippine Real Estate Question: My husband who is a foreigner and I, Philippine Citizen aquired condo in Philippines, Both the properties are in our name. Is is true or false that if the property is under the foreigner’s name it is not required to pay the RPT Answer: Even if the property is under the name  of the foreigner, real property tax is still imposed and should be paid to the... the full story

Tax on land not generating income?

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Philippine Real Estate Question: I’d like to know if i am required to pay a tax on a land that is not generating an income? And is the tax computation conducted annually or monthly? Your answer would be highly appreciated. More power to you! I like your website and your knowledge and I am very grateful for you sharing it. Thank you. Answer: Yes, you are required to pay annually the... the full story

Separation of Mother Title

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Philippine Real Estate Question: Am trying to buy a farm property in Cebu but I was told that the seller’s right to the property is still with the mother title. Is it safe to buy a property that is still connected to the mother title, what are the procedures that has to be made in order to do the separation of a lot from the mother title and how long does it take to... the full story

Seller refuses to give Broker/Agent Commission

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Philippine Real Estate Question: What if the seller will not give the agent atleast 3% commission? Is he violating any law? Any suggestion on how to be able to get that commission thats due for the agent? Thank you. Answer: Before an agent sells a property, there should be a written authority to sell on inclusive or non-inclusive basis. This is also some sort of contract between the seller and... the full story

Zonal Value of Inner Lot

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Philippine Real Estate Question: How do you determine the zonal value of an inner lot(w/ right of way only)? Do you follow the same zonal value of the front lot? Answer: You have to check with the BIR located in the local municipal hall where the property is located. The inner lot may have a lower zonal value than the front lot. What other Real Estate Philippines Questions do you have? We’ll try... the full story

No Title Yet

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Philippine Real Estate Question: I purchased a house & lot in Bacolod City in 2007. We did not get into contract signing w/this developer. Upon my payment of the reservation fee, I was only given the quotation sheet where I signed and the developer’s rep signed. I have fully paid the property in July this year but have not yet received the title ... the full story

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