Cavite Foreclosed Properties c/o BDO

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Abundance Plus – Philamlife

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A lot of people including young professionals who would like to grow their hard-earned money simply don’t have any idea where to place it. The bank is the only option they have in mind…either as savings or time deposits. The disadvantage with bank deposits is that they are low yielding in return. They do not provide a good inflation hedge. There are penalties upon early or pre-mature withdrawal,... the full story

Homebuying Feng Shui Tips

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Homebuying Feng Shui Tips Buying, selling or renting a new property or business, can be one of the biggest financial commitments that you will undertake in your lifetime. Therefore, before selling a property, it is advisable you check the Home Buyers Birmingham website to get the right price for it and while buying or renting confirm that the property will bring you health, wealth and happiness. If... the full story

How Dangerous is Your House? Use Maid service Orlando

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Sometimes, in our attempt to keep our homes clean and bacteria free, we are adding more injury not to our homes but to our health. Our houses may be clean, but is it green? Learn from this infographic the hidden dangers of our cleaning agents! If you need office space in your house then you can always go rent some at offices to rent in bangkok! Mаkіng уоur home healthier аnd greener dоеѕn’t... the full story

Philippine Real Estate Question: DOAS

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Question: My husband bought a parcel of land in Pampanga. The mother title specifies the entire 8 hectares of land (matured year 2009). We only bought 2 hectares from it. How can we go about created a DOAS of the technical decription refers to the entire 8 hectares? After the DOA, how can we have our own title. You help is greatly sppreciated. Thanks so much. Answer: The owner or seller should have... the full story

Philippine Real Estate Question: delayed payment on real property tax

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Question: I have a question about paying the real property tax, what would be the punishment to the owner of a land if he delayed to pay his land within 10 or more years? Answer: You have to pay the interest equivalent to 2% per month on the basic tax, but in no case shall exceed 36 months.   What other Philippines Real Estate Questions do you have? We’ll try to find an answer for you!  Read More →

Philippine Real Estate Question: Transfer of title taking too long

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Question: I transferred my mortgage from inhouse to bank, my question is…how long is it to process the transfer of title from my developer to my name? Am having an idea that my developer is taking it too long to process to enjoy their high interest rate. thank you in advance. Answer: It really takes sometime to transfer the title from the developer to your name. The developer will do it in bulk to... the full story

Philippines Real Estate Question: Chance to get a title on agricultural land

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Question: hi I bought a land which is agricultural land before please can I have a chance to get the title on it,,since I just found out that it cannot be transferable …please help me Answer: Yes, you could have it titled. Just check with the Register Of Deeds on the proper steps/actions to take. What other Philippines Real Estate Questions do you have? We’ll try to find an answer for you!  Read More →

Philippine Real Estate Question: Is there an expiration for Adverse claims on the TCT?

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Question: Hi! I am planning to apply for a housing loan at Pag-ibig, while also applying to a mortgage with services from Top 10 TN that help people with this. Upon securing a certified true copy of my property (as one of the requirements) at the Register of Deeds sometime July, 2011, I found out that there was an annotation of an adverse claim of one of my siblings. Commercial real estate (CRE) is... the full story

SOLD – No. 90 Spain St Betterliving Subdivision Parañaque

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SOLD! Property Location: No. 90 Spain St Betterliving Subdivision Parañaque Lot Area: 300sq.m Description:  3 bedroom + small rm + maids rm 3 Toilet & Bath ( 1 master’s bedroom+ 1 common bathrm + 1 maids rm) big living rm, dining, kitchen + small kitchen at the back of garage 2 car garage 2 overhead water tank (water 24hrs. Maynilad) + water pump terrace & garden in front clean title [Click... the full story

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