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Houses For Sale in the Philippines was built to feature houses in the Philippines worthy of selling to those who work hard for the money they have. It also stemmed from the unfortunate incident we had with buying a property that up to this day, was not turned over to us.

We understand how you feel.

You’re wary of agents pushing brochures & flyers to your face, not knowing whether they’re scamming you or not. They tell you the property is the best, they tell you it’s legit – only to find out in the end that you’ve been had, you’ve been scammed, you’ve just lost your money.

You Work Hard, and You deserve the BEST.

We only feature houses worthy of investing in – there are a million of properties for sale, but only the best get featured here. We try as much as possible to know the background of the house or property first before we post it on our site. Our focus is to show you the best properties in the Philippines, and to make the transition from being a buyer to an owner as easy & worry free as possible.

Investment or Home, Let us Help YOU.

Backed by our knowledge of Real Estate in the Philippines, you can count on us to help you from the prospecting process till you sign the contract to buy your first investment or home. You will be dealing with a Licensed Real Estate Broker  , so you are confident you’re talking to a PRO.

We Value Your Trust.

We are not like other agents or brokers you’ve met along the way who sold you a house or lot but disappeared once they got their commissions. We view our relationship with you as Broker and Buyer as one to last a lifetime. If you have a problem with a house or property you bought from us, then let us help you to the  fullest of our capacity.

If you’re interested to buy a property in our list here, then let us know. If  the property you’re eyeing is not yet on our list, we can still help you!

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