Registering Real Estate Property in the Philippines

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Interested in buying a piece of Real Estate in the Philippines? Then you’ve come to the right site! Whether you want to make a fruitful investment or settle in your first home and become a landloard, we have the a growing list of Philippines Real Estate Properties that prove to be worthy of your hard earned money.┬áIf you are planning to buy the... the full story

The Registries of Deeds in the Philippines

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Clients needing information about title to lands go to Registry of Deeds (RD) office concerned. It is in this office that the service rendered to the public by the Land Registration Authority is almost done. Today, there are 168 RDs nationwide. Specifically, an RD is tasked with the following: 1. Register deeds affecting registered (Act 496) and unregistered... the full story

What are the requirements to get a Certified True Copy/Certification/Verification?

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Requirements: 1. Letter of Request or Transaction Application Form (TAF). 2. Photocopy of Title. 3. Identification Card How to Register: 1. Approach the Registration Information Officer (RIO) to check if you have the complete documentary required for your transaction. Complete the TAF 2. Submit complete documents and the TAF to the Entry Clerk and... the full story

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