Checklist of Documentary Requirements – Estate Tax

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A. Mandatory Requirements (Taxable/Exempt) Tin of Estate Photocopy of the death certificate, subject to presentation of the original any of the following: Affidavit of self adjudication Deed of extra judicial settlement of the estate, if the estate has been settled extra judicially court order if settled judicially sworn declaration of all properties... the full story

Donation of Property or deed of sale

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Question: I need help, The title our house is under the name of my parents but unfortunately, my mother died, and now, I am planning to transfer the title under my name. With this matter, I would like to ask for any suggestions of transferring the title: by donation of property or deeds of sale? Answer: Donation of the property executed by your father... the full story

Market Value

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Question: We bought a lot with a depreciated house 3 months ago and we immediately proceed with the improvements, after this we get services from to help us with the moving. We want to process the transfer of title now. What should be the value that we are going to declare with assessors office since the property has already... the full story

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