Time of Completion of the Project

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The three most pressing questions an excited or anxious buyer would ask are: 1. When will the project be completed? 2. How do I manage moving my packages and envelopes? 3. What are the facilities and amenities that go with my purchase of a unit? The project must be completed within one year from the date of the issuance of a License to Sell for the... ...read the full story

Questions Concerning Certificate of Registration/License To Sell

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These questions came from the HLURB site: Where can a prospective buyer check whether a subdivision project has a Certificate of Registration and License to Sell He can check it with the Regional Office Of the HLURB which has jurisdiction of the place where the project is located. What is the remedy of a buyer to recover his payment upon knowing that... ...read the full story

What can be done when a buyer found out that the size of the lot in the Deed of Restrictions and Contract to Sell that he originally signed did not match with what is indicated in the title?

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If the sale is on a per square meter basis and the area turns out to be smaller, the buyer is entitled to a reduction of the price. In the same way the area turns out to be bigger, the buyer should pay for the increase in area. In other case, the buyer may have opt to rescind the contract if he would not have bought the property had he known of... ...read the full story

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