5 tips for buying a foreclosed home

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Image via Wikipedia In many cases, only one real estate agent is involved. The seller wants a preapproval letter from a lender before accepting an offer. There often is little, if any, room for negotiation. The home comes as is, and it’s up to the buyer to pay for repairs. It is quite tricky as you might end up dealing with issues like pest... ...read the full story

Checklist of Documentary Requirements (CDR) Donor’s Tax (Philippines)

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Documentary Requirement – Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) Philippines A. Mandatory Requirements (Taxable/Exempt) Tin of all Donors Notarized Deed of Donation Certified True copy of the latest Tax Declaration issued by the Local Assessor’s Office for land and improvement applicable to the taxable transaction Owner’s copy for presentation... ...read the full story

Mallorca Villas – Cavite

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KINDLY GO DIRECTLY TO MALLORCA VILLAS WEBSITE TO INQUIRE. Houses and Lots for Sale in Mallorca Villas Embark on a voyage to a community that exudes the charm of an island beach resort in the heart of Cavite, where the elegance of Spanish Mediterranean architecture blends with the perfection of nature’s beauty. Mallorca Villas offers residents... ...read the full story

Foreclosed Property Overview c/o lawyers.com

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Image by respres via Flickr Foreclosure occurs when a lender or other lien holder (person or organization that has the right to seize your property for payment on a debt) takes possession of a property because the property owner has failed to make regular, timely payments, and other efforts to collect the money have failed. Most people know that... ...read the full story

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