What You Should Know Before Inquiring On Philippines Foreclosed Property

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Foreclosures occur when the owner’s financial situation changes and he/she can no longer keep up her mortgage payments. Dealing in foreclosures is a specialty in itself. Those who understand the process do very well because, by definition, they are always buying wholesale. You have to spend some time learning the process before you can be good at... ...read the full story

Common Annotations on the Certificate of Title

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Notice of Lis Pendens – the property is subject to a pending court litigation involving ownership or possession. Writ of Preliminary Attachment – the property is being held as a security for the satisfaction of a court decision which maybe rendered against the registered owner. Section 4 Rule 74 of the rules of court – the title was obtained by... ...read the full story

BDO Foreclosed Properties in Luzon

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List of Foreclosed Properties in LUZON as of July 2012 *UPDATED* IMPORTANT NOTE, READ & UNDERSTAND FIRST BEFORE INQUIRING: We’ll be as direct as possible; we encourage you to inquire if you: have experience buying foreclosed properties (it is not recommended to first time home buyers.) have no qualms about revealing basic personal information... ...read the full story

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