5 Budget Ideas to Freshen Up Your Home

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Have you recently invested in a Real Estate Property in the Philippines that needs a major facelift? In other words…a renovation? Careful consideration must be made when making a renovation, so whatever you spend is a worthy investment. Recession is upon us and every peso counts. Some ideas to spruce up that Philippine Real Estate Property of... ...read the full story

Step 2: Before Buying A Real Estate Property

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You’ve managed to fulfill the requirements for step 1, Are you ready for step 2? 1. Check if the broker/agent is registered with HLURB. HLURB releases a list of registered brokers/agents who’ve been approved for the year. You can also call HLURB, or ask your agent ever so diplomatically if he’s registered with HLURB. If he or she is, they... ...read the full story

Step 1: Before Buying A Real Estate Property

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You can never be too sure when buying real estate property. Whether it’s a house or lot, condominium unit, apartment – there are thousands of sob stories to tell (including ours, unfortunately), of broken dreams, piled up cases in court and millions of pesos lost. This is your hard-earned money we’re talking about – and it doesn’t... ...read the full story

10 Things You Should Know When Buying Real Estate Properties In The Philippines

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One thing that makes real estate buying so interesting is the diversity of developers and lots available for purchase….. whether it’s residential, commercial, industrial or agricultural or farm lots. The choice is yours …is it for your own use as a future residence, office, business, or haven for mangrove. In buying real estate properties in... ...read the full story

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